Here’s what our customers have said about D.C. Tracts

“I wish to commend you on the publication of an excellent source of information for the chiropractic profession. … I also hope that more chiropractors listen to DC Tracts as I am convinced their level of competency will be greatly enhanced.”

–Dr. Bahia Al-Salihi

“They are so great! I’m simply grateful to have the opportunity to access these great authors.”

–Alannah R. Levian, DC

“Besides the thorough education I receive, I appreciate the convenience of being able to study from my home. … Thanks again for providing a valuable service.”

–Karen C. Johnson, DC

“Data Trace has always led the way in home study for the Doctor of Chiropractic with D.C. Tracts … Thank you for providing this wonderful service to our profession. The Logan College of Chiropractic School of Postdoctoral and Related Professional Education is proud to be your partner.”

–Ralph Barrale, DC

“When relicensing time rolls around, I often feel that slight sting of anxiety; when will I find the time, where will I find the classes. And living beyond the borders of North America compounds the quest for accessible, high-quality continuing education credits. But Data Trace always saves the day: current information in a practical format that truly leaves me more knowledgeable, inspired, and licensed.”

–Dr. Nicholas, Bangkok, Thailand

D.C. Tracts has many advantages: convenience, high quality speakers, current and timely subjects, conservation of time and financial savings…”

–A.J. Smith, DC

“Dynamite audio (program) … best educational (program) that I have ever purchased … A must for any chiropractic physician that desires to provide high quality care.”

–James J. Lehman, DC, DABCO