35-3 Neuromechanical Effects of Manual Therapy

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Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to another engaging issue of DC Tracts! This edition’s focus is on a contemporary understanding of the clinical effects ...

This edition’s focus is on a contemporary understanding of the clinical effects associated with spinal adjustments. Our renowned contributors discuss the biological mechanisms of spinal manipulation, including both the biomechanical and neurophysiological pathways influencing clinical outcomes. I am confident that a scientific appreciation of these mechanisms can improve patient outcomes and provider communication, as well as interprofessional interactions.

Dr. Martha Funabashi’s feature article underscores the biomechanical characteristics of spinal manipulation, with particular emphases on the biological responses associated with these forces. Dr. Stephen Perle’s audio lecture explains the neurophysiological mechanisms that modulate nociception following chiropractic adjustments, while my own audio discussion reviews the biomechanical effects associated with spinal manipulation.

Dr. Brad Muir provides a review of specially-selected scientific articles that elucidate the neuromechanical responses associated with spinal manipulation. Finally, in his Juris-Proofing series Dr. Brian Gleberzon explores the complex juxtaposition between professional boundaries and individual expression.

I trust that as the reader, you will find this issue of DC Tracts both informative and interesting, refining your clinical expertise and patient services.

Best regards,

Bryan M. Bond, BSc, BS, MS, PhD

In this issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Influence of Spinal Manipulation Force-Time Characteristics on its Biomechanical Responses
    Martha Funabashi, BSc, MSc, PhD
    • Biomechanical Effects of Spinal Manipulative Therapy
      Bryan M. Bond, BSc, BS, DC, MS, PhD
    • Mechanisms of Adjustments: Pain
      Stephen M. Perle, DC, MS
  • JURIS-PROOFING: When Can a Chiropractor Take Off Their Professional Hat?
    Brian J. Gleberzon, DC, MHSc
    Brad Muir, HBSc(Kin), DC, FRCCSS(c)

    • Neuromechanical Responses to Spinal Manipulation and Mobilization: A Crossover Randomized Clinical Trial
    • The Effect on Clinical Outcomes when Targeting Spinal Manipulation at Stiffness or Pain Sensitivity: A Randomized Trial
    • Impact of Audible Pops Associated with Spinal Manipulation on Perceived Pain: A Systematic Review