35-1 Bracing, Orthotics and Taping QUIZ

The following Quiz is based on information from the Feature Article, Audio Lectures, and Abstracts and Commentaries sections of this program and is comprised of 20 multiple choice questions.

Upon receiving a passing score (70% or greater) on the Quiz, subscribers will receive a maximum of 6 credits per issue. Each passing individual will have the opportunity at the end of the Program to print a Certificate of Completion which can then be sent by you directly to your State Board. Participants must pass the Quiz in order to receive credit, but may attempt one retake of any issue for which they did not initially receive credit. The fee for a retake is $15.00 per test.

It is the doctor’s responsibility to send certificates to state boards. Credit for the D.C. Tracts Continuing Education program is sponsored by Logan University, College of Chiropractic. Please see the approval code links to the right to determine how many credits your state’s board accepts.

QUIZ INSTRUCTIONS: Please select the best answer based on the information provided in this issue.