35-4 Shoulder Pain


Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

We are excited to share this issue of D.C. Tracts, which delivers an up-to-date review of shoulder pain! According to scientific literature, shoulder pain is second only to spine pain as a cause of visits to primary care physician offices. In addition, shoulder pathology represents a significant cause of chronic pain. I am optimistic that a thorough understanding of shoulder pain can deliver healthier patient outcomes.

In his feature article, Dr. Stuart McIntosh, DC, MS highlights a review of scapular dyskinesis in the context of a clinical case report, including evidence-informed diagnosis and intervention. In their audio lecture, Charles R. Marchese, BS, MS, DO(c) and Benjamin Pautler, BA, DO(c) emphasize clinical anatomy and differential diagnoses for common shoulder pathologies. In our second audio lecture, Dr. Stephan Cooper, MSc, DC provides a thorough analysis of a challenging clinical disorder, adhesive capsulitis. Dr. Brad Muir continues to provide outstanding abstract reviews, which in this issue explore studies examining both patient and healthcare providers’ perspectives in treating shoulder pain. Finally, Dr. Brian Gleberzon continues his three-part series that explores the juxtaposition between professional boundaries and individual expression.

I trust that as the reader, you will find this issue of D.C. Tracts both informative and interesting, refining your clinical expertise and patient services.

Best Regards,

Bryan M. Bond, BSc, BS, MS, PhD



In this issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Solving the Puzzle of Shoulder Pain: A Case Study on Scapular-Centric Conservative Care
    Stuart McIntosh, DC, MS
    • Shoulder Pain: A Clinical Anatomy Review
      Charles R. Marchese, BS, MS, DO(c) and Benjamin Pautler, BA, DO©, with contributions from Sara Sloan, DC
    • Adhesive Capsulitis: A Frustrating Clinical Entity
      Stephan Cooper, MSc, DC
  • JURIS-PROOFING: When Can a Chiropractor Take Off Their Professional Hat? Part 2: The Case of Jordan Peterson
    Brian J. Gleberzon, DC, MHSc
    Brad Muir, HBSc(Kin), DC, FRCCSS(c)

    • Understanding Shoulder Pain: A Qualitative Evidence Synthesis Exploring the Patient Experience
    • Managing Shoulder Pain: A Meta-Ethnography Exploring Healthcare Providers’ Experiences
    • “Down to the Person, the Individual Patient Themselves”: A Qualitative Study of Treatment Decision-Making for Shoulder Pain