33-4 Interdisciplinary Care


Dr. Stacie Salsbury provides a feature article describing the preferred qualities of chiropractors practicing in a multidisciplinary environment, including important professional, interpersonal, interprofessional and organizational qualities. Drs. Kelsey Lewis and Ross Mattox deliver audio lectures outlining how chiropractors may provide integrative care to influence chronic pain within the interdisciplinary care setting. Dr. Brian Gleberzon describes the requirements to satisfy appropriate documentation standards to limit professional risk. Finally, Dr. Brad Muir provides a review of several abstracts and commentaries that describe the role for the chiropractic profession in the multidisciplinary healthcare environment.



In This Issue:

  • FEATURE ARTICLE: Professional Qualities Supporting Interprofessional Collaboration in Chiropractic
    Stacie A. Salsbury, PhD, RN
    • Integration of Chiropractic Care into Multidisciplinary Settings from a Chronic Pain Management Perspective
      Kelsey Lewis, DC
    • Interdisciplinary Care: Benefits, Barriers and Opportunities
      Ross Mattox, DC, RMSK
  • JURIS-PROOFING: Types of Records that Must Be Kept
    Brian J. Gleberzon, DC, MHSc
    Brad Muir, HBSc(Kin), DC, FRCCSS(C)

    • Working on Working Together: A Systematic Review on How Healthcare Professionals Contribute to Interprofessional Collaboration
    • The Global Spine Care Initiative: World Spine Care Executive Summary on Reducing Spine-Related Disability in Low and Middle-Income Communities
    • Integration of Doctors of Chiropractic into Private Sector Healthcare Facilities in the United States: A Descriptive Survey